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Greene Rehab Services
Where you can rediscover strength and balance, one therapy session at a time.

Our Services

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Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

Focused on pelvic floor awareness and exercises, our sessions aim to provide insights and techniques tailored for patients needs.

Joint Care & Mobility

Our sessions offer gentle exercises and techniques that aim to support joint mobility and comfort.

Balance & Stability Training

With an emphasis on balance and stability, our sessions provide exercises designed with patients in mind.

Post-surgical Rehabilitation

Offering post-surgical support sessions, we aim to guide our patients through their recovery journey at a comfortable pace.

About Our Company

About Greene Rehab Services: 

At Greene Rehab Services in Venice, FL, Dr. Christine Greene, DPT, brings her expertise as a physical therapist to provide personalized care to her patients. With a reputation for excellence, Dr. Greene has been recognized as a patient favorite, reflecting her commitment to exceptional patient care. She is known for her ability to explain conditions well, earning the trust of those she serves. Her practice encompasses a wide range of conditions and procedures, including pelvic floor issues, joint care, balance disorders, and post-surgical rehabilitation. With a focus on understanding and addressing individual needs, Greene Rehab Services is dedicated to helping patients navigate their recovery journey, ensuring they achieve their health and mobility goals.

Client Testimonials

"Dr. Christine Greene is not only extremely professional and knowledgeable, but she also genuinely cares about her patients' well-being. After my knee replacement, her expert care ensured a speedy recovery. I have trusted her with all of my physical therapy needs for the past 20 years and cannot recommend her and Greene Rehab Services enough!"
Robin Deegan
"The team at Greene Rehab Services, led by Dr. Greene, is both friendly and competent. Their approach is gentle yet effective, making physical therapy an experience to look forward to. I've felt such progress under their guidance and can't thank them enough for their dedication."
Shannon Vogel
"Dr. Greene's expertise is unparalleled. She identified a muscular issue in my leg that others couldn't and has been working diligently to address it. The one-on-one attention and reassurance provided at Greene Rehab Services make all the difference."
Judy Favia

Greene Rehab Services
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